Divers Lodge Maldives

Located in Vilimale, 10 minutes from the Capital City of Male'
PADI® 5 Star Dive Center
Over 1800 students trained and certified
Top rated Dive School - Trip Advisor, Facebook
Lead by PADI® IDC Staff Instuctor, Fayyaz Ibrahim

The Dive School & Team

Divers Lodge Maldives is a Dive School based in the Maldives. We teach diving, organize dive trips, snorkeling trips, sand bank trips, etc. Since our inception in the year 2003, Divers Lodge Maldives has always been committed to providing the highest quality of training in Maldives. The PADI Five Star Dive Center provides internationally certified training to the level of a PADI® Assistant Instructor. Having trained a large number of leading Divemasters in Maldives, we have also strived to provide the best dive experience for tourists visiting Maldives to explore the underwater world

The Dive School is operated by PADI Staff Instructor Fayyaz Ibrahim. Fayyaz and Family have a long history with the Maldivian dive industry. His father Ibrahim Moosa is the first certified professional diver in Maldives. His Uncle Yoosuf Moosa is the first certified Instructor in Maldives

Our Dive Centers

Divers Lodge Maldives

Divers Lodge Maldives Main Branch and Training Center is located in the island of Villimale, which is only a 10 minute boat ride from the capital city of Male'. The Dive Center provides a number of PADI certified training courses upto the level of a PADI® Assistant Instructor. We also regularly embark on dive trips to popular dive locations around the area of Greater Male'.

DLM Kelaa

Located in the Northern most Atoll of the Maldives, Kelaa is an island of beauty and historical importance. Our dive school in Kelaa organizes dive trips, snorkeling trips and other dive related excursions to an abundance of beautiful dive sites in Haa Alif Atoll. We also do introductory dive sessions and snorkeling classes for beginners

DLM Gulhi

The island of Gulhi has numerous guest houses is well known for its big and beautiful beach, and the amazing the dive sites that surround providing something for every traveller and their families looking for good hospitality, fun and adventure. Our dive school here organize dive trips and excursions to well-known and popular spots in the South Male' Atoll region.

Diving in Maldives

While being home to 3% of the world's coral reefs, The Maldives is world renowned as a dive destination particularly due to the biodiversity of its pelagic life. Each Atoll area of Maldives is unique in its own way from its geographical features to its marine life which adds up a unique combination for an amazing dive experience.

Witness an amazing world underwater close to the capital city.

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Abundant variety of Marine life

Maldives is most famous as a diving destination for its Pelagic life. Each atoll in Maldives boasts a unique variety of marine life. But where ever you dive in Maldives, always be prepared to see abundant and gigantic schools of fish.

Perfect dive conditions year round

Maldives is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with shorts and shirts year round. Waters are just the right temperature with amazing visibility that span across the underwater horizon. The marine life is also known to be incredibly passive and docile.

Amazing Coral Scapes

Witness deeper landscapes of amazing coral formations which still survive the rising temperatures. Coral scapes with amazing visibility, makes it a paradise for underwater photos.

Unique and Large number of dive sites

Maldives is home to an unbelievably large amount of dive sites. With over 50 dive sites in Kaafu Atoll alone, the atolls have a number of dive sites for each diver experience level and dive type be it a Reef dive, Channel dive, Thila dive (Underwater Pinnacle) or Wreck Dive.

Training and Certification

The five star dive school has trained over 1800 students since its inception. With years of training experience under their belt, Fayyaz and team has produced many leaders in the dive industry of Maldives. The amazing results have come from the hard work and dedication of the students combined with unique training methods and extensive coverage of the PADI course syllabuses.

Get certified to dive anywhere in the world

Our courses and its syllabus are directly from PADI. Upon completion, our students will be certified internationally by PADI which is accepted throughout the world.

Go beyond the teaching syllabus

With our vast experience in the dive industry. Our instructors work to ensure that the diver will be able to take up many of the tasks that they will encounter in the dive profession.

Experience Based Learning

Due to easy access to the house reef and nearby dive sites, our students will be learning in the real environment from day one. Divemaster Trainees will also have the opportunity to plan and lead dives to acquire much needed experience.

Learn at your optimum pace

We strive to provide the maximum flexibility for our programme duration and training hours. Our schedules and programmes are well structured for school /college students and office workers

Registered Education Facility

Our dive center is registered and recognized as an educational facility that provides educational courses and career development. And we also taken in numerous students on numerous government scholarships

Conveniently located training center

Our dive center is located only minutes away from the capital city. While being close to the airport and affordable Hotels/Inns, the dive school is located only a minutes walk away from our house reef.

International Students

We have certified a large number of International Students till date. Our International student packages are affordable with the affordable accomodation in nearby inn/rooms. Our instructors are also fluent in the English language.

Maldivian Students

While our dive center is conveniently located only minutes from Male', the beautiful beach and house reef of Vilimale provides for a quiet and calm training area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Having produced numerous dive masters in Maldives, those who pursue scuba diving as a career find early employment after going through our well structured training programmes.

Course Details

A onetime introductory class to the World of Scuba diving. Immerse yourself into the beautiful world underwater and have a look at what Scuba Diving is all about.

Duration: 2 hours
Programme Material: Introductory dive theory followed by a practice dive

* Special discount for the PADI® Open Water Diver course if started after a month from the Discover Scuba Dive
PADI® Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. Harness the necessary skills and get certified to dive anywhere in the world within the OWD depth limits.

Duration: 5 - 7 days
Programme Material: Theory sessions followed with a minimum of 5 confined dive sessions. Theory and practical dive sessions, training material, exam material and certification and are all inclusive in the course fee.
Certificate: PADI® Certified Open Water Diver
PADI® Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to advance your Openwater skills and can be started right after earning your PADI Open Water Diver Certification. This course is designed to teach the diver to dive longer and deeper while also specializing in disciplines such as Boat Dives, Night Dives and Wreck Dives.

Duration: 3 - 5 days
Programme Material: Advanced Dive Theory followed with specialty dives on boat, night and to sunken wrecks
Certificate: PADI® Certified Advanced Open Water Diver
We offer PADI® certified courses all the way upto the PADI Assistant Staff Instructor Course. Having certified a large number of Dive Masters and Instructors in Maldives, our learning programme is flexible along with options to acquire the required dive and work experience.

Other Services & Excursions

We also offer many other diving and non-diving related services. Join us for a snorkeling trip or a picnic at the sandbank. Or enjoy an evening out fishing in our seas full of life. If you also require scuba equipment servicing and maintenance, our certified staff have got you covered.

Boat Dives & Private Dive Trips
Snorkeling trips
Sandbank picnics
Shore & Night Dives
Scuba Regulator Servicing
Equipment servicing
Equipment Rental
Underwater Photos

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The Island & Accomodation

The Island of Vilimale

The island of Vilimale is an island that is easily accessible and located only a 10 minute boat ride away from the capital city of Male'. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the island is known for its electric powered vehicles and its more laid back life style making it an excellent getaway from the city life with only a few minutes of travel. The dive school is conveniently located in front of the beach and the island's sandy beach and large house reef make it an excellent place for training and fun dives.

Accomodation Options

The Island of Kelaa

The island of Kelaa is located in the Nothern most Atoll of the Maldives. Being in one of the most remotest parts of the country, Kelaa is an island of beauty with white sandy beaches and beautiful seascapes. Although the island has less inhabitants, the island played a historical significance since the earliest time of the kings.

Accomodation Options

The Island of Gulhi

The island of Gulhi can be accessed by a 30 minute speed boat ride or a 1.5 hour local ferry ride from the capital city of male'. The island has numerous holiday guest house hotels, a big beautiful beach and numerous surrounding dive sites. This provides something for every traveller and their families looking for a good combination of hospitality, fun and adventure.

Accomodation Options

Address & Contacts

Divers Lodge Maldives head office and training center

Phone Number: +960 7784264
Viber/Whatsapp: +960 7784264
Address:Divers Lodge Maldives, Kalhuthukala Magu, Vilimale

Divers Lodge Maldives Gulhi

Phone Number: +960 7784264
Viber/Whatsapp: +960 7784264

Divers Lodge Maldives Kelaa

Phone Number: +960 7917976
Viber/Whatsapp: +960 7917976

Travelling to Vilimale


Take the local ferry at Vilimale Ferry Terminal.

Travelling to Kelaa


Fly to Hanimaadhoo (HAQ) or Kulhudhuffushi via Velaanaa International Airport (MLE). Followed by speed boat/ferry transfer to Kelaa

Flight Operators:

Flyme:     www.flyme.mv
Maldivian:     www.maldivian.aero


OR Reach Kulhudhuffushi by boat (12 hour boat ride). Followed by speed boat/ferry transfer to Kelaa